Bipolar men and dating

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Bipolar men and dating

Our son was unknowingly using alcohol to battle severe depression and marijuana to counter his mania.

As his parents, we struggled to understand why he would jeopardize his scholarship and academic career after having worked so hard for them.

I point this out not to discount the legitimacy of learning disorders but merely to encourage families to educate themselves about mental health.

I worry that when educational counselors and teachers call in families with concerns about a child having a learning disability, we aren’t always looking at the complete picture.

Unfortunately, so far, our medical field has divided treatment for addiction and mental illness, and quite frankly, there is very little funding for the mental health side.

This has created a situation in which the money lies in addiction treatment and the facilities can get additional funding if they meet the “dual diagnosis” standard, which is very low.

At the time, we considered this hysteria and overdiagnosing.

Therefore, we took our time, did some research, spoke with other professionals, and as a family decided to not medicate but to closely watch his symptoms. We have since learned that medications to treat ADHD or depression can trigger the early onset of a psychotic episode (if one has an underlying mental illness).

He entered college with exceptional grades, had an athletic scholarship, and for a while many considered him the “golden boy.” In hindsight, there were indications that our son was battling the onset of bipolar disorder and that we, as a family, lacked the mental health knowledge to identify his symptoms." data-reactid="19"My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a young adult, and I’m telling our family’s story as part of Discovery Life Channel’s Psych Week, a series of thought-provoking documentaries that will air next week and shed light on a spectrum of mental illnesses.

It can be so confusing when you’re dealing with two separate illnesses at the same time, as we were in our son’s case, since his disorder initially presented itself as addiction.

The behavior of a person who is intoxicated and a person having an episode can appear similar, but this is when family or friends who are familiar with the person’s “baseline” need to intervene and make sure their loved one gets immediate medical attention.

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Trial and Error One in four people will be affected by a mental illness in the course of their lifetime.

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