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After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2011, I felt like I lived at that hospital.

Today — a year out from treatment — it’s in the rear view mirror, along with the double mastectomy and debilitating chemo and radiation I wrote about last October on

Before cancer, I would never have been so blasé about showing my boobs to a room full of strangers.

Well, not unless it was Mardi Gras and I’d had more than one martini (kidding! But after living with breast cancer for 2.5 years, I’ve grown accustomed to opening my gown to whomever happens to wander into the exam room.

Did your doctor downplay the damage or mention it at all? She was fresh out of chemo and going in to consult with a plastic surgeon about recon before her double mastectomy.

Many thanks, also, to Nicki Boscia Durlester and her private breast and ovarian cancer Facebook group, Beyond the Pink Moon.One of these days, I’m going to scare the bejesus out the janitor, I’m sure.I’m not just showing off my girls in person, though. Last month, I was asked to appear on a Seattle talk show called New Day NW, to chat about my madcap cancer adventure (still can’t use the word “journey”) with Justine Avery Sands, a 32-year-old BRCA gal, who opted for a prophylactic double mastectomy with immediate recon (otherwise known as “The Jolie”). I tackled the topic last week in a two-part series for Fred Men struggle with impotence; women are plunged into menopause decades before they would naturally arrive; and many are left to sort it all out on their own. Because people often don’t feel comfortable talking about this stuff – not doctors, not patients, not even their partners.And here’s Part 2, which offers a few experts tips and tricks that we as patients can use to hack our post-treatment sex life.

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I managed to get through the 8-minute segment without throwing up, fainting or dropping an f-bomb (TV still makes me nervous). These games of show-and-tell have become part of my new normal.

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