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Bsd pkgupdating d

In order to remotely install the servers they are PXE booted into a net install image, mfsbsd, base install files are mirrored on the package repository and served by Nginx.

With that, the environment is complete, servers can be installed and kept up to date without giving them any kind of access to the Internet. Poudriere knows how to use ZFS (used to need it, that’s not longer the case), we installed Free BSD on a ZFS mirror using this script.

Both libreoffice and gimp warn that they will replace some packages and update others. Since all this worked I decided to install libreoffice and gimp on my workstation.

The libreoffice install deleted thunderbird and updated firefox, replaced a few packages and updated others. All that history to explain what I do not understand.

For example, we could have Free BSD 8 and Free BSD 9, some of them using the latest php version from a portstree fetched with portsnap while others use an year old version from a portstree checked out by svn.

By chrooting inside a jail any modification to the base system can be made to mirror the real server environments, although that’s probably rarely necessary. Packages are stored in different repositories under /poudriere/data/packages/$JAIL-$PORTS, using our configuration.

It worked so I installed gimp with similar results. At the end of this firefox gave my original sqlite3 error. In installing chrome I got errors about missing dependencies but it works. Difference on the clear and update system are: xorg-server, 1.18.4_1,1 verses 1.18.4,1.

-gt 0 ]; then printf "No such ports tree ($PORTSTREE)\n" exit 2 fi ## check that there's a list of packages for that jail if [ !When compiling packages any combination of jail ports can be used.A jail represents a base system used to compile the ports.In my opinion the risk of a port not compiling because of ccache doesn’t justify the benefits.If, however, someone would like to use it, pay attention to the port config option that installs symlinks for clang and the message after install.

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Apparently the guys behind update.don’t like mirrors for security reasons and are likely to block repeated calls from wget and the like, using a proxy is the recommended method.