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Stop azureus updating

I removed Storytime with Belle by Martin on Martin's request.It will be back though, but with the correct title to this new experience.This is being investigated, but might take some time to fix. My server that runs Vuze has died on me I will try to find the root cause of this in the next couple of days, but it is definitively hardware related.This is preventing me from posting the newest Martin tribute correctly. This means that me posting new videos is on hold for now. Root virus I can't remove so it may be a reinstall of windows.The drive has been replaced and most services has been restored.As far as we know there is no loss in data as we were able to recover all records right up until the website went down. I will be in Disneyland Resort Paris for the next couple of days (including new years eve). In case you want to say hello in person while you are there too, send me message and we will arrange something.-Dajatje I removed Epcot 30th Collection torrent.:'( Edit: Server is back up The good news is I now own a TM700 as well as my 300. I can now shoot full HD with three cameras (also a SX-50) at the same time if needed. If its hardware related it'll be a new pc The good....

That said, restarting the server sets it back to normal for quite awhile. A server move was planned to occur in the near-term, so this may be used as a reason to move the schedule up on that. Those who posted them are welcome to re-post if they're so inclined. Mouse Bits' website is up however the Bit Torrent tracker service is not running yet. Following a disastrously stupid mistake on my part that we needn't get in to, Mouse Bits went down for an extended period.We have investigated and, we believe, resolved the underlying issue. In just a couple of days I will be heading out to Walt Disney World. Hi folks No new video this week as I am packing for going to Germany tomorrow. (would be sharing with my sweet 50/10 mbit VDSL line in Germany then)So long ...I will be enjoying WDW during it's 40th birthday. Merry Christmas to you all In just 8 days it is my turn for a trip to the sun.Please direct any questions regarding this to the mods.- Dajatje Wow... I thought this would be an opportune moment to remind old and new members of this audio mix I produced in 2007 for the 25th anniversary! page=torrent-details&id=ab7be7b578939af3d0dde09165b4f6db99807037Dajatje edit: And this video I createdpage=torrent-details&id=469be367078e31456ff05a1a5a3205c6e9adfd2f Update: The maintenance has been completed.

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I will be keeping an eye on mousebits from there, but at least try to behave when I am away. Just send me PM and we might be able to arrage something.-Dajatje Edit: I am back Mouse Bits was down for several hours today due to a complication during a routine update to backend software. October 11th I will arrive at MCO for 15 days of Disney fun and magic.