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Pisidian Antioch (also called Antioch-of-Pisidia) was a major Roman colony that was visited by St. Pisidian Antioch marked an important turning point in Paul's ministry, as the city became the first to have a fully Gentile Christian community.

The ruins of Pisidian Antioch lie about a mile north of the modern town of Yalvaç, which is 110 miles west of Konya.

Highlights of a visit here are the substantial archaeological site and the Yalvaç Archaeological Museum.

According to Acts 13, Paul and Barnabas came to Pisidian Antioch early in their first missionary journey.

They arrived from Cyprus via Perga, so would have taken the Via Sebaste into Antioch.

On the sabbath, they went to the local synagogue and were invited to speak to the congregation.

Archaeological interest in Pisidian Antioch has been ongoing since its re-discovery in 1833 by British Chaplain F. Near the top on the front and back were inscriptions in bronze letters, once a dedicatory inscription to Emperor Hadrian, the other an identification of the person who paid for the gate.

Inside the city walls, the site centers around two main Roman streets: the Cardo and the Decumanus, positioned at right angles.

It was one of 15 different cities named "Antioch" after several members of the family with the name Antiochus.

The only other direct biblical reference to Pisidian Antioch is in 2 Timothy , where the author mentions the unpleasant experience in the city.

Pisidian Antioch may be the hometown of a convert Paul met in Cyprus, the proconsul Sergius Paulus (Acts 13:4-12).

There is no evidence of any churches before the 4th century, and Christians were actively persecuted under the governor of Pisidia in the early 4th century, Valerius Diogenes.

But by the end of the 4th century, when persecuted had ceased, Antioch had between one and three church buildings. Mehmet Taslialan Director of the Yalvaç Museum, continue today.

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Paul and Barnabas then went to Iconium, Lystra and Derbe.